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​Mission Statement:
To Recognize the Dignity of Motherhoo
d and the Sacrificial Love a Mother has for her child, without regard to Nationality or Belief in a manner that honors All Women and lifts the human spirit in love, peace and joy, and to maintain the Statue and support facilities in such a way that future generations will treasure Our Lady of the Rockies for what it represents.

Donations to help maintain Our Lady of The Rockies statue and to help support the Tram are greatly appreciated.

For more information please call us at (406) 782-1221 or email

Weddings and Chapel

The Chapel is available for weddings or special events. Please call (406)-782-1221 or (800) 800-Lady for details.

Our Lady of the Rockies is a 90-foot statue sitting atop the Continental Divide is the result of a dream and six years of hard work.

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Our Lady of the Rockies

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Tours offered during the Summer Season

June - October

Weather permitting Please call (406)-782-1221 or email

The 2020 tour season is currently closed, tours will resume early summer 2021.

The Store & Gift Shop is still open 11am-4pm Monday through Saturday!

We are looking forward to our 2021 Tour Season! 
​Stay in touch to book your tour,

call us today at 406-782-1221